All About TEMS Investigation. RF Drive Test tool.

Used in more than 180 countries worldwide, TEMS Investigation is the industrystandard tool for troubleshooting, verification, optimization and maintenance of
wireless networks. TEMS Investigation supports all major technologies, making
it the ideal testing tool at every stage of the network’s life cycle.
TEMS Investigation has been the top originator of drive-testing features
and functions for two decades. It employs smart and exclusive functionality that
solves specific problems, promotes cost-efficient work processes, minimizes human errors and improves productivity, allowing operators to focus on ensuring
network quality, as well as gain insight into the subscriber perspective by performing service testing, including VoLTE testing and available bandwidth measurement, directly on the end terminal. TEMS Investigation is a complete, costeffective and conveniently compact solution for the active field engineer.
TEMS Investigation enables operators to:
ƒ Test from a user’s perspective. Performs geographically positioned air interface and service
quality measurements with devices used by subscribers.
ƒ Custom-tailor test scenarios to match specific needs. From rollout to maintenance, TEMS
Investigation’s exclusive measurement capabilities put the user in control.
ƒ Contain costs. Quick to set up and easy to use, TEMS Investigation’s unique time-saving
capabilities and exclusive control features promote efficient work processes.
ƒ Reduce time to market. Focus on early availability of new technologies, features and
devices. Scalable, adaptable and constantly updated to meet evolving needs.
ƒ Maximize return on investment. Complete solution for multimode system verification,
optimization, troubleshooting and analysis in relation to in-vehicle, in-building and
pedestrian-area testing throughout the network life cycle. Flexible licensing and packaging
to meet individual requirements.
ƒ Access a rich, exclusive feature set that gives you the freedom to perform the measurements and tests you want to perform without affecting end users.
ƒ Profit from our 20-year track record. Our unrivaled history of success sets a solid
foundation for the innovations and advances to come. That makes TEMS Investigation the
number 1 choice for operators worldwide.
ƒ Global License Server. Transfer licenses and collaborate within the organization with a
unique cloud-based license sharing solution.

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